Traditional in-person consultations

Prospective clients might feel unsure about what to expect from the therapy process. A brief outline follows:

  • A period of assessment, consisting of 2-3 sessions, will form the first part of our therapeutic process. During the assessment phase, the client/patient will be asked questions regarding their symptoms and personal history. This is to make sure that the nature of the problem(s), and the context in which it arose is understood.
  • Following assessment, if we decide to continue working together, sessions will be scheduled on a weekly basis, at a set time, for 50 minutes duration each. More frequent sessions may be deemed appropriate in view of a client/patient´s presentation.
  • The duration of psychotherapeutic treatment varies depending on the presenting problem, nature of stressors, and so forth. Expectations around the duration of treatment will be discussed with clients/patients upon completion of the assessment phase.
  • Please note that no forensic or psycho-legal services are provided.
  • Please note that psychometric and neuropsychological assessment services are not provided, although referral can be made.
  • Sessions are provided strictly by appointment. Please note that it is the client’s/ patient´s responsibility to honour appointments, as arranged and confirmed during psychotherapy consults. Appointments are recorded using your initials on a password protected electronic calendar.
  • If changes need to be made to the date or time of appointments, or in the event of any queries, I can most reliably be reached via email (, or alternatively, through the number dedicated to my practice (+ 27 796038322). Queries will be responded to within 24 hours, within office hours.